Work with Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting presently has the following openings for released ministry:
FUM General Secretary

The General Secretary is a key point person for the FUM family, providing inspiration and leadership for our work, and deeply involved in discerning priorities for the future.

Friends United Meeting has grown in several ways in recent years: We have worked to strengthen our sense of community throughout the world; we have made progress in global partnership; we are placing renewed emphasis on evangelism; we are maintaining many programs that promote peace and justice; and we have begun developing programs to strengthen local meetings.

We trust the Lord will call the right person for this position, and we ask for everyone’s prayers. We also ask all friends to think of those persons who might be a great fit for FUM and to talk to potential candidates personally, or send suggested names to the search committee.

Search Committee Members:

Ron Bryan (Iowa YM)

Margaret Fraser (New Association)

Greg Hinshaw (Indiana YM)

Joy Kelemba (Nairobi YM)

Cliff Loesch (Great Plains YM)

Frederick Martin (New England YM)

Judy Ritter (North Carolina YM)

More information may be found here.

Ramallah Friends School

In response to requests from the school community, FUM has created the new position of Ramallah Quaker Life Coordinator.

In addition, we have continuous vacancies for volunteers for 3-9 month placements, and classroom teachers on a year-to-year contract. Contact Eden Grace for more information about any of these opportunities.


Application for the Quaker Life Coordinator position may be made by sending a cover letter and resume to edeng(at) or by postal mail to Eden Grace at the address in the footer, below.

Belize Friends Ministries

In October 2015, Friends United Meeting made a commitment to expand its work in Belize, through a witness that will include worship, discipleship, education, leadership development, alternatives to violence, community building and economic empowerment.


Since November 2016, FUM has acted on these commitments by purchasing and renovating a building for an expanded Belize Friends School and for use as a community center for the Southside neighborhood of Belize City. In addition, Oscar Mmbali was called in November as pastoral minister for Belize, and took up residence in Belize City in early August, 2017.


In order to complete this commitment, FUM is seeking applications for Director of Belize Friends Ministries. This full-time, long-term field staff position will have primary management responsibility for coordinating all of FUM’s work in Belize. A complete description can be downloaded here.


Application for the position may be made by sending a cover letter and resume to edeng(at) or by postal mail to Eden Grace at the address in the footer, below.

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